To obey or not


This message has been rolling around in my heart and mind for a few weeks now, I haven’t really shared it publicly with anyone except for praying about it and praying for folks in my world, until this week at one of our PT meetings (pastoral team at our church) in which I was encouraged to.

I had this impression one day that as human beings and Christians even, we have a tendency to not pay attention to or think of obedience as a necessary rule of living……for example how many yellow traffic lights have you slowed down for lately? Or even better how many red traffic lights have you gone through in the past year? Another example is when we go for our annual physical exams and the doctor tells us we need to cut back on our salt because we are experiencing hypertension which is one of the major causes of heart issues……and on and on I can think of many more areas in which to pay attention to these warnings would mean to be obedient – (Wow, the word obedient itself makes me feel like a child that is being constantly monitored and punished for every slight misbehavior)

But that is not the content or direction this prompting in my heart was leading me to, it was simply that in this generation and culture we are living in, as a society (worldwide, not just as an Americans) we tend to deflect responsibility when faced with it, let’s be honest we live at a hurried pace and are most of the time running late to our next destination, so without thinking we just ignore the dangers of driving across a red light, which in reality I shudder at the thought what if another car is speeding up to cross on his “green” light to make the light and the sad inevitable accident happens…….you get my point.

This also translates to our Christian walk which is what this prompting was all about, we go to church week after week, month after month, year after year and we sit through hundreds of sermons and life changing messages and we see no change in our lives and we get discouraged and even mad at God because He hasn’t waved his magic wand to get us out of these messes…….has it occurred to you that maybe we are listening in a deflective way, always thinking this doesn’t really apply to me, it’s for the person behind me or even better yet the ones sitting in front of me?

This is where I felt we are missing it as Christ followers, we are living self deceived lives when we think we can ignore what God is revealing to us through His word and we continuously deflect that responsibility to others……ouch.

I have been seriously paying close attention in my every day living to make every effort to “be obedient” to God and His Word, the laws of the land, health, finances, serving, etc….so I stop fooling myself into this false sense of security and really take account of how I am living my life, that has been my prayer focus for my husband, family and our folks at church, that we would be sensitive to what He is saying to each and every one of us and be quick to “DO IT” – no more excuses!!!!


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