It’s not about YOU!

Wow! did I catch your attention?

Well that is what this most recent book we are doing in our ladies bible study has done, it has caught my ATTENTION!

As we carry on in life, day to day, month by month, year by year, we tend (or I should say I tend) to get comfortable with my everyday life, still living for God, passionate about seeking Him, being radically obedient to His leading, etc,etc……it’s all good.

BUT what this book is doing is really making me look at my christian walk and how I am living it out….. applying it…. not in a religious sort of way that we tend to fall into after many years of being a Christian, but in a totally brutally honest sort of way.

For example in the story of the parable of the sower how many times I have read about the seed of the word of God being sown on the rocky soil and on the shallow ground and how when the hard times came it didn’t last, I could always think of someone I know that would fit that scenario, but I guess always in the depth of my heart assuming I was the good ground……WOW what a wake up call!

All I can say is, God reveal to us -ME- your Word in a very real and present way! Open my spiritual eyes to really see and grasp the condition of my heart!

Like when I am hearing His Word being preached in a service or through a song or a conversation with a friend, that I would not sift it through my reasoning faculties but really search my heart and drink it in and let it change me.

Don’t let me assume that I am GOOD GROUND!

Another statement in the book that has rocked my thinking was “Get over yourself, this is NOT about you!”

Well, ok, what the author was implying with this statement is that we mostly live our lives with our focus being on what affects us? what it is going to cost us to be followers? how is this going to change our comfort? What is going to be expected of me, more than what I am willing to give up perhaps?

When in reality this is NOT about us but it is about Eternity, and how our lives here on earth can have an eternal effect on those we know and love. Have I said the word WOW! enough times yet? it bears repeating, WOW. It’s not that we do not know these things, that we have not heard them before…it’s again about peeling away those tiny layers in our hearts to really get the reality of it to cause a change in us.

Can you think of a friend or family or co-worker right now that does not know the reality of being born again? Don’t give up, keep praying, keep asking, it will make a difference for ETERNITY!

I guess by now you would want to know the book I am referring to- it is called Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. Pick up a copy of it for yourself and let it challenge you also.

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