What qualifies you as a friend?

I was thinking back to some of my friends in the past 25+ years, and relishing the memories, some have been very close, others with common purposes and mutual admiration and still others just acquaintances that I still consider friends.

Some of these friends have left lasting impressions and memories that I will treasure forever and still chuckle at some of those special and funny moments we have had together.

Friends to me have helped to shape my perspectives at times, they have shared in my best and worst moments, they have accepted me for WHO I am not what I represent, accepted me and my funny “accent”, they have laughed together with me at funny and some not so funny moments, they have experienced new surroundings and adventures together with me, they have discovered new hobbies, tasted new and fabulous foods, enjoyed crying at movies together, lived through tons of oohh’s and aahh’s at weddings and baby showers, etc.etc.etc

I wouldn’t trade my friends for anything else; they have enriched my life, encouraged me along the way and given me lasting remembrances. I look forward with anticipation to discovering even more “new” friends in my journey of life.

It is to all my friends that I extend the biggest THANK YOU for being there and being you!

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