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Interesting turn of events today as I headed in to my ladies breakfast/bible group, it so happened that quite a few of them were out of town and with the kids being out of school for the summer it makes it even harder for the others to get away.

So here I sat with my friend, thinking we would go ahead eat and catch up, when one of our favorites waitresses which we had not gotten to see for quite a while walked by, she was not having such a good day so we asked her to join us.

Well what seemed a few minutes turned into an hour of conversation about life and marriage, she couldn’t believe I was going to be celebrating 34 years of married life and my friend 25 years as well, she had no hopes of finding a good man much less staying married for a long while, wow! That was an eye opener and a touch of reality for me!

It was a good reminder of how people live their lives with no apparent purpose or hope it seems, especially without God in their lives- she is trying to make good choices, which we highly encouraged but it was a bit hard to motivate her to think outside her box.

Needless to say I left that meeting feeling that I had not been very much of a help to lift her out of the mire and muck of life, as I was checking out though I strongly felt impressed by God that it starts with one person praying!

And what a difference that will eventually make in that person’s life, I was reminded of how “apparently lost” I was 34+ years ago when someone unbeknown to me started praying for me that I would find God or rather that God would reveal himself to me……

So all hope is not lost, God is always searching and reaching out to mankind to lift us up out of the muck- take this as an encouragement to pray for those in your path that need Him, it will make an Eternal difference!

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