Traveling light

I know It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me… I had to take time off for health reasons which came unexpectedly while on vacation in April, bummer!

But I am recovering well and resuming my daily routines now, have greatly appreciated and relied on all your prayers like a cool drink on a hot summer day- thank you!!

God has been an ever present help in times of need and I am very grateful for His mercies that are new every morning. He is a faithful God!  For that I am very thankful!!

In the midst of all this our house was on the market for 3 weeks and sold with a quick closing that gave us 4 weeks to pack up, move and plan our next house, whew! I am glad that part is behind us………now we get to play well really work is a better word, with house plans and see this next dream house become a reality day by day.

Which brings me to the subject of this blog “Traveling light” I have been pondering this theme for a few weeks before we even had our house sold and was using the analogy of airline travel, which most of you are familiar by now of all the restrictions the airlines are imposing on travelers to carry less baggage or it will cost you more.

Well getting ready to leave on vacation and planning it ahead of time we realized we were going to have to cut back even more on the pieces of luggage we wanted to take along, which by the way you wouldn’t have believed how many pairs of shoes alone I used to take on a week’s vacation years ago… is embarrassing even thinking about it.

So the thought is about what we carry with us through life that weighs us down and impairs our movements and abilities – What I mean is prejudices, un-forgiveness, keeping records of every wrong done to us, reliving offenses and hurts, bitterness etc,etc… It’s like carrying an extra suitcase full of shoes that you will not even get to use but have to pay extra for!

We get so weighed down we cannot enjoy the journey or even the destination once we get there, it ought not to be, life is to short and we do not know how many more trips we will be going on, so look around and lighten your load.

I am personally learning to “travel light” not just in my packing for a trip but in life, so I can enjoy  the journey!

One thought on “Traveling light

  1. Kathy Hyman

    well said my friend – Thank you so much for sharing, hope your health is recovering and you are enjoying the lightened load on this journey your are on with Gods peace shining upon you….

    Best – Kathy

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