The Nations

We gave this book to all of our leaders for a Christmas present this past year as a devotional for 2010, in hopes to inspire them to expand their horizons and motivate them also to a deeper prayer life for these wonderful brothers and sisters in the Mission field.

Of course it has to first start with us, right?

So, as I have been reading this book this year; I have found it inspirational and at the same time challenging, not just to pray for these missionaries and their stories, but also to realize how comfortable we can get in our predictable, familiar settings and routines of everyday living……..Now I am not suggesting that we all sell all we have and become missionaries, not at all, we all have differing gifts, talents and callings from God, so let’s stay faithful to those callings.

But what I am suggesting is that it broadens our perspectives and moves us to a deeper heart of compassion for those who perhaps have sold all that they owned and felt compelled to leave all the comforts of home and family to become missionaries to the various people groups of the world.

I highly admire all of them, and can relate in a very small way of what that might look like since I left my home country,  family,  friends and possessions, including my black cocker spaniel dog “Pelusa”, in order to come to the land of  opportunity. It  was a very hard adjustment for a 14 year old at the time.

So what I have personally gained from these readings is the challenge to view our world as a “mission field” and to  make  the extra efforts to learn a new language of the heart, in order to gain understanding and compassion for  what our  neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances may be facing, and to really focus on ways to share with them the Good  News  that  God cares for them and has provided a way for them to become children of God also, in order to be translated  from  the  kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear son Jesus. That is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

My prayer is that our eyes would be opened to the opportunities presented before us and that we would walk boldly into them!!!!

If you get a chance, pick up the book and experience it for yourself, at the same time increasing your prayer efforts for the Nations of the World.

One thought on “The Nations

  1. Dana Lieberman

    Thank you for challenging me.

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