What defines you?

I was  standing in line at a local bistro ordering my take out breakfast when in comes an attractive couple that seems to have it all together; she is tall, a trendy dresser , he had a clean “cool” look  with a shaved head and all. Anyway they were noticed.

As they are leaving they get into this bright orange Dodge Charger , cool looking as they sped away in front of me you could tell they were into their look and “ride”.

It started me thinking of how many of us are definined by what kind of car we drive or house/neighborhood we live in, even what coffee we drink, and all that.

Are you a person of character, honesty, hard working?  Who do your friends say you are? Are you loyal, trustworthy, responsible, the one everyone can count on in a time of need?

Let your character and  “who” you really are define you, not what you own or are able to afford….

4 thoughts on “What defines you?

  1. Kristen Hanson

    The site is wonderful! We want more “Vickie nuggets”!

  2. Vickie Smith

    Thank you! You are to sweet! if you keep reading I’ll keep them coming…

  3. Vickie,
    I’m here. I’ll read more.

  4. Dana Lieberman

    Thank you for constantly challenging me to stay on God’s track instead of my own. You are such a blessing!

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